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Brock Walk 2022


Brock Walk 2022

Once again, the Brockstrong Foundation joined forces with sixth graders from Canal Winchester Middle School and the Canal Winchester Food Pantry to help fill the shelves of the food pantry for the summer as part of Brock Walk 2022! Students raised money all year to purchase groceries to donate to the food pantry for this event. Then on June 9th and 10th, volunteers from the school and BSF canvased our town and areas of Bloom Carroll to collect donations. All of those items were brought to the pantry where they were counted, sorted, and boxed by the volunteers. In our true competitive fashion, we always try to collect more donations than the year before, and we were able to do that once again. This year’s Brock Walk generated 25,121 items – and a new record for the Brock Walk! Thank you to everyone that donated to make this amazing goal possible! These items will help our food pantry continue to provide food security to so many. Part of this involves a field trip to a local grocery shop where they spent $4,000 on donations.

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