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Brock's Birthday 2018


Our favorite day of the year is Brocktober 19th! That is the day that Brock Dalen Johnson was born. We spend the day celebrating the life and legacy of Brock by doing 11 BIG random acts of kindness. In the past we have had 30-60 volunteers. This year we had 136 volunteers spend the day with us. They take vacation days from work and the students are given an excused absence from Canal Winchester and Pickerington schools. We began the day taking over The Waffle House in Canal Winchester giving each employee $100 as we left. Then, we divided and delivered donuts to all of the CW/Madison Twp. and Pickerington Fire Depts. as well as shopped for goodies for the food pantry and a local elderly housing development. We all met at the CW Food Pantry and bagged and delivered our goodies to David’s Way/Canal Village. Some other things we did included; paying for everyone who went through the drive-thru at Wendy’s, McDonalds, Skyline, Arbys and DQ in Canal, put gift cards for free cones and Frostys on every car in the high schools in CW and Pickerington as well as local businesses in CW, delivered gifts to schools, had a group of college music majors sing in the memory unit of a nursing home and paid for groceries at Kroger in CW and Pickerington. We ended the day with a free party for the community with free food, a balloon maker, face painter, juggler and DJ. We collected board games (768!) for Nationwide Children’s Hospital and for every game donated the person donating was entered into a drawing for one of Brock’s 11 favorite things including OSU football tickets and gift cards for Brock’s favorite places. Whew! It is tiring just writing all of this. It is exhausting but awesome and a perfect way to honor B-Rock!

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