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Aiden's Bed! 2021


Sometimes something big lands in our lap and we just know it’s the right thing to do. And that is the case with sweet Aiden. Aiden is a 9 year old boy that lives in our Canal Winchester community. He was born with spina bifida plus additional medical issues and has had over 30 surgeries. His medical issues make it impossible for him to be physically safe in a regular bed. Up until January, Aiden was sleeping in a baby crib as a way to keep him safe in bed, but his lack of trunk control led to him hitting his head on the bars, kinking the cord to his trach, and not really having a safe sleep space. Aiden needed a custom designed bed created specifically for kids with disabilities. It would have a special mattress to keep him from getting pressure sores and would have a mesh enclosure around the bed to keep him from rolling out. Aiden’s insurance unfortunately denied the request to cover the cost of the bed and agreed to only cover the cost of a regular hospital bed. A regular hospital bed was a different set of issues when Aiden was in the hospital, so that wasn’t a safer option.

When we heard about Aiden’s need, it hit home with all the times Brock relied on insurance approvals to get what he needed and the struggle that can happen when the insurance refuses to cover something critical. After some very short discussions with the BSF board and an additional $5,000 donation from a generous donor, Aiden’s mom was presented with a check from the Brockstrong Foundation to buy Aiden the bed he truly needed. Aiden received his special bed a few weeks later!

Thank you to our Brockstrong Foundation supporters for making important moments like this possible! Without you, we could not do special acts of kindness like Aiden’s. You made it happen!

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