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"Every day is a gift, so make the best of it!"

Brock’s Story

Brock (B-Rock) Johnson was an amazing, courageous, smart, funny, and sweet, yet fiercely competitive kid. He got straight A’s throughout his school career, played soccer, basketball, football and travel baseball.  B-Rock excelled at everything he did.  He was involved in his church youth group, volunteered in the kids’ ministry, and was a member of the anti-bullying club at school.  Everyone who met B-Rock remembered him. Whether it for his “old soul” personality, his smile, his giggle or his 110% effort in sports. On the outside, you could not tell he had anything going on with his health. On the inside, he had weekly and monthly infusions, blood transfusions, injections, doctor appointments, surgeries, hospital stays and traveled once a month to the National Institute of Health in Maryland. B-Rock battled an unknown auto-immune disease since he was 5 days old. Despite all of B-Rock’s trials, he still lived life to the fullest and made a positive impact on everyone he met.


We are all better for having known B-Rock.
He is greatly missed but will never be forgotten



Brock’s Story (cont.)

Having an unknown condition, the doctors felt that a bone marrow transplant would be Brock’s best bet to “re-set” his immune system. The procedure was put off for years because the benefits did not outweigh the risks since his quality of life had been so good. In 2014, his liver was having some problems and he had to have a surgery to stabilize it in order to be eligible for the bone marrow transplant. The doctors had all agreed it was time. In Sept. 2014, B-Rock had a bone marrow transplant. The actual transplant period went well but sadly B-Rock contracted an infection. After a long hard road, B-Rock rounded third and headed for home after a fungal infection moved into his lungs on May 20, 2015. Through it all, B-Rock stood strong, demonstrating faith and courage while being a light to the world..


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A little bit of kindness can go a long way. It doesn’t take much to make a positive impact on someone. Get in touch today and start making a difference.

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