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Labor Day Tournament 2019


60+ teams, 11 fields, 4 locations, and 400+ volunteers – all coming to together for the love of the game and to support our foundation in its biggest fundraiser of the year!

The 2019 BSF Labor Day Baseball Tournament was a big success again this year! With nearly every age group selling out again this year, the players faced good competition and enjoyed the game of baseball in a way Brock would have loved! For many this was just a baseball tournament but for the foundation it is so much more. A reminder to keep prospective in this crazy world of the privilege of watching your son or coaching a team in the game of baseball. We are so grateful for EVERYONE that comes together to make this event such a continued success! We could not do this event if it wasn’t for the amazing amount of leaders and volunteers the come together to support us in this tournament. Thank you!

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