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Mitch is happily married to his wife Lexi who is a first grade teacher at Fairfield Christian Academy in Lancaster Ohio and they are expecting their first child in March of 2023!

Along with being a husband, soon to be father, and a Student Pastor, Mitch also wrote his first book Love More, Worry Less which released in February of 2021 and is heavily influenced by the role that Brock played in his life. He has a passion for writing and speaking to this generation.

“Brock was one of those friends that you don’t even remember meeting. They’ve just always been a part of your life and as far as you can tell, they always will be. I grew up with the Johnsons being like a second family to me and Brock shaped a lot of my perspective on the world when it comes to God, joy, and faith. When he passed away in 2015 my world was rocked. How could someone so good be taken by something so bad so soon? Needless to say, walking that journey of confusion and doubt led me to a place of unshakeable hope and joy. Brock’s life pushed me to be who I am and I knew there was no option but to get involved and carry on the legacy of the one and only Brock Johnson. The BrockStrong Foundation changes lives, just like the boy it represents!!”

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